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Carpool Tags

Efficient Solution to Carpool Line Chaos

For more than 20 years, Prosign Design has been partnering with schools across the nation to provide a safe and efficient solution to carpool line chaos. The afternoon carpool line can be one of the busiest — and likely most dangerous — times for students during the school day. However, with Prosign Design’s durable and easily visible carpool tags, school staff can confidently direct students to the correct vehicles and safely transition them from the school grounds back to their parents and guardians.

Tag Features and Customization

Our customizable carpool tags include the school name, location, school type (magnet, year-round, elementary, etc.) and student number — all highly visible due to our enlarged font sizes (we recommend 2-inch numbers). They also include a rounded hook for hanging the tag from a vehicle’s rearview mirror and can be tailored according to your shape and color preferences. We are happy to work with you at no charge on a carpool tag design that will meet your unique needs.

Carpool Tags

Each carpool tag includes a unique number assigned to a particular student. This efficient numbering system helps school personnel quickly identify where to direct students during “pick up” time.


You will receive a free design mockup tailored to your unique specialty, shape and color preferences.


Heavy-duty polystyrene and deluxe plastic ensure the long life of your carpool tags.

Blank Tags$.85 (minimum order of 25)
White Tags with 3-Inch Numbers (no school info)$1.40
White Tags with 2-Inch Numbers, School Name, and Logo$1.45
Full Color Tags with 2-Inch Numbers, School Name, and Logo$1.55


  • 4 x 8 Flexible and Durable Tag


  • 4 x 8 Flexible and Durable Tag
  • Large Numbers
  • Color Choice

Custom Logo

  • 4 x 8 Flexible and Durable Tag
  • Large Numbers
  • School Name
  • Custom School Logo
  • Color Choice

Carpool tags are an excellent choice for schools wanting to streamline the carpool line “drop off” and “pick up” process.