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Who is Prosign Design?


Founded in 1992, Prosign Design began as an answer to an issue many school personnel and parents are too well acquainted with: the afternoon carpool line. As carpooling parents ourselves, we understood that dismissal time meant long lines, frustration and an unsafe environment for students. Seeking a better alternative, local school administrators commissioned us to find the solution — thus, Prosign Design was born! We proposed the idea of using “carpool tags” — numbered tags displayed in each car window — to help aid in a more orderly dismissal of students, and we supplied these to the school district. The carpool tags were a success, and both parents and school staff were delighted with the safer school environment.

In addition to carpool tags, Prosign Design provides character education banners to schools all across the nation. With two daughters of our own, we were (and still are) committed to the belief that young people should be taught character traits such as integrity, respect, courage and kindness. Our banners are purposed to do just that. They are designed to help instill values in and inspire youth as they navigate their way through the hallways between classes. We strive to customize our signage to meet the unique needs of each school’s character education program.

Thank you for visiting our website today. We look forward to hearing from your school and are committed to working within your budget guidelines. Our goal is to help you establish a positive and safe environment for learning at all ages!

Dale and Judy Jones, Founders

Prosign Design LLC